Saturday, June 07, 2008

Renaissance Village Closes

I'm in NJ visiting with family right now, and my husband just called me while driving from New Orleans to let me know that NPR was reporting about Renaissance Village.

I knew that I'd be away for the official closing of Renaissance Village, and I knew that I'd be tender hearted about it. From what I know most of the families of the children I know have found some sort of housing and shelter, and I'm not sure if any remain. According to reports , FEMA will not forcibly remove any that remain.

Interestingly enough, as I wrote this my fellow volunteer friend Michael called me. He wanted to know if I'd like to share the sacred space service with the UU congregation in Lafayette. I'll be sure to include the story of the Ren Village families as they continue to recover and heal.

Here I will collect articles about the closing.

Holdouts Test Aid’s Limitations as FEMA Shuts a Trailer Park It appears as if the New York Times will feature reports about those who have left Ren Village.

FEMA Trailer Park Closes This is what my husband heard on NPR and called me about.

FEMA's Trailer Parks Closed For Good

Moving day looms at FEMA trailer parks
The photos taken in a Port Sulfur, LA trailer park for this USA Today article are troubling.

Displaced by Katrina and edged out of FEMA trailer parks

Renaissance FEMA park set to close


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