Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Threadhead Raffle - Gotta be in it

Yikes! I thought that I had posted this already, but peeking in here I find out otherwise...

It's the last day to buy a raffle to support Threadheads outreach. Proceeds will benefit the Threadhead Records Foundation, Fest4Kidz (SilenceIsViolence), and Music Rising / The Gibson Foundation. Please visit Threadhead Charity Raffle 2010 to learn more and grab a ticket or two. Check out the full list of cool items.

I'm definitely going for the Absolut New Orleans Vodka and the two opps to work with the glass artist at the Rosetree Blown Glass Studio in New Orleans. That vodka was our absolut favorite, indeed, and I can't imagine ever parting with a bottle if I still possessed it. (Couldn't stay in our house for long - so delicious) As for my choice on the glass art, my husband is captivated by the technique and always wanted to try it himself. Wish me luck!

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