Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post Gustav Baton Rouge - 3 weeks later

I was away for Gustav and wish that I had blogged to let the world outside of Baton Rouge and Louisiana know how bad it was. Many people thought that 'cause New Orleans was okay that Louisiana was okay. Some didn't even think beyond New Orleans borders to learn how others dealt with Gustav. We all took a sigh of relief for our dear friends in NOLA, but know that hurricanes have a mind of their own. While they may forsake some, one turn and shift can destroy others.

Well, Baton Rouge was hit hard. Gust winds came through at 90 mph toppling trees and power lines, dropping them on homes, closing streets, stores, schools and businesses, and put many into shelters. The entire city was without power the night after, and electricity returned over the past few weeks. There were two deaths due to a tree fall on a house, and it's miraculous that not more were hurt or killed. All of our friends and contacts in our community made it out okay so we're grateful.

Our return this week put us into the shock that many have gotten beyond in their recovery. The neighborhood streets, and I can safely say that probably any neighborhood with trees, are lined with piles and piles of tree debris. It's unavoidable in my neighborhood giving me a clue to the sounds and sights experienced when Gustav roared through. Our friend's son is still traumatized by the whole thing, crying when he has to take a drive through the areas hit hard. It really must have been horrible for him.

We're fortunate and didn't have damage to our home, but did have our largest pecan tree come down. It didn't come down immediately but sat at a forty degree angle for days. One night it came crashing to the ground while my husband was awake to hear.

I do have some quick pictures of what we see now, and it will take some time for the clean up work to be completed.

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Blogger sammi said...

amazing report irene, and the photographs are compelling. that family who lost their home, how sad, i'm glad no one there was killed.

i hope life is restored to normal for everyone of you all soon, and it's amazing how those Live Oaks stayed solidly rooted, there at the LSU campus.

i send you strength and energy for the task at hand, and i'm staying close,


2:34 AM  

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