Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please help the Threadheads send young musicians to NOLA's Jazz Fest

"Gotta get those kids to Fest." ~ Neenatlanta, New Orleans Jazz Fest Fan

It's that time of year again. The New Orleans Jazz Fest approaches and the Threadheads, super dedicated Fest fans who meet on the online Fest forum, kick into high gear. Their goal is to give back to New Orleans through various, cool events that help keep the city's music culture going. One of their initiatives, in conjunction with Silence is Violence, is Fest4Kidz. Money is raised to send the children who attend SIV's weekly music clinics to Jazz Fest. The kids are hooked up with a chaperone, a t-shirt, and spending money. It's been a big success, and they're aiming for the same this year.

The cost for doing this in 2010 was $5270. Fest4Kidz does have support from the Threadhead Records Foundation, another great outreach group to check out, but additional funding will help make it happen for the kids.

Please visit to learn more and make your secure donation.

Every dollar helps, so thank you!!!!

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