Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great progress at Augusta's :D

I haven't been able to return since September to visit Augusta and the team working on her house, but I have been receiving photos and updates of the fantastic progress being made.

For now here are two sets of photos taken by Jim Casper of their work. (I have to get volunteer names in). Be sure to key in on Augusta driving the last screw into the final piece of drywall. Yes, the final piece. The interior frame is completely covered. Gooooooooooo Warriors!

Please don't forget that they're aiming to help Augusta get out of her trailer by Christmas, so the more power volunteer hands pitching in the better.



From Michael's email updates and call for volunteers:

Hello all, Capri Landrineau, Karen Girardot, Jim Casper, Nancy Gilbert, Vicki Smith and myself had the pleasure of working at Agusta B.'s house in Violet, LA, Saturday, for about 6-7 hours, putting up more drywall and taping and floating the kitchen drywall. Augusta's house "passe inspection", and her electric meter and power hookup were installed the day before. Jim hauled down enough green drwyall to finish the bathroom and washroom. All the drywall installation in all the rooms except the 2nd bedroom, the hallways and living room are completed. The cool, sunny weather was fantastic! Capri & Karen worked on the kitchen taping abd floating, while Vicki, Jim and Nancy worked on the finishing the drywall installation in the bathroom and washroom. I took measurements of the kitchen and gave them to Augusta to bring to the hardware store to shop for cabinetry, and Jim, Mike, Vicki and Augusta worked on drywall installation in the living room as well. Augusta also applied drywall "mud" to the recessed screw holes in the master bedroom. Jim's Roto-tool helped speed up the task of cutting out holes for the outlets and vents. Jim and Mike picked up recycle at the FUUNO church. We got a lot done! Major tool we need to bring next time is a CD player!

...since 12/2005, by my estimate, about 50 UCBR members, family & friends
have made anywhwere from one to over twenty work trips, contributing approx. 1,300 total hours of service,
not including drive time and lunch breaks (another 636 hours), during over 36 worktrips to 34 sites in New Orleans,
Kenner, Metairie, Algiers, Gretna, Slidell & Baton Rouge.

Thanks to David Earle & his grandsonCody for helping with taping & floatind drywall last weekend! Augusta says that Jeff Flynn went down mid-week, but I haven't heard what he accomplished.

11/09, forward from Jeff Flynn
We got the last of the sheetrock on the ceiling installed - no more attic views- and laid some mud in the bedroom, bath and washroom. Still lot's of mud games needed. Augusta's cordless was weak as was mine but had a couple of plug in drills and thankfully an outlet to pull from. Don't think I can make this or mext weekend.


"We had a great workday the Saturday before Thanksgiving, with 12 workers at Augusta's. Thanks to Jim Casper, Nancy Gilbert, Karen Girardot, Mark Gilbert, John McCorquodale from the Bay Area UUC in Houston, TX, Capi & Vicki Smith, the two guys from Massachuscetts who are working at the furniture bank in the 9th ward, and Darlene & Jerry Reaves"

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