Friday, November 04, 2011

Movember in NOLA

I'm aiming to attend this event with my daughters tomorrow.  I learned about it through the Imagination Movers' Facebook page, and think that it's a great reason to return to the city after not visiting for about 7 months.  I'm doing this to honor my dear father who died of colon cancer just two months ago after a 2 year battle with the disease.  It's actually a needed step in my healing process to get out there and connect with those who care about health issues effecting men.  It'll be my first time since he's passed away, and I feel comfortable doing so in the city I love.  I have to add that I really respect Rich Collins of the Imagination Movers for getting involved and promoting this event.  Thank you, Movers, and I'll see you there.

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Blogger Ya think? said...

Hi - I came upon your blog by mistake. I was just writing to my father-in-law. He does not hear very well on the phone. He is 98 years old and still plays craps.

He lives in New Orleans and always has. We hope to visit him in the next couple of months. I cannot imagine how sad it would be to go to New Orleans without him being there.

Good luck.

11:58 AM  
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