Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Important outreach for the families

Mary, the former education director from Renaissance Village, just called me to let me know about a couple important issues for the trailer park families.

They are in search of individuals and/or groups who can "adopt" 4 families this holiday season. They'd help provide basic needs like clothes and nice meals, as well as gifts for the family members. She is going to email the information to me so I can get the word out.

She also told me that the trailer park will be closing in May 2008. Her task right now through her job in New Orleans is to assist in finding a place for the families to live. I'm overwhelmed by the reality of the situation because some of these families and children that need help are the same ones that had to return to the trailer park after following their efforts to return to New Orleans. Lack of resources, affordable housing, jobs, and safety in some NOLA areas cause challenges and suffering that go beyond their means. Where will they go and what will they do? I would like to keep you aware of any opportunities to input ideas and get involved in the relocation process.

Thank you.

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Blogger sammi said...

Oh no, what a heartbreak! those kids, tho this was a temporary park, surely have made themselves at home and i hate to see them uprooted again and surely split close friends up, maybe even families. yes, there has to be a time and place for the trasition, but it should be when there is someplace for them to go. new orleans does not sound ready for their return, does that mean other cities will be taken into consideration?

a toy drive for these children would be a possibility? toys, yes, but they need so much. maybe even a Christmas Card drive for the Village, it will show them they are not forgotten, by us anyway. and yes, clothes.

and music. is there music, not only instruments, but musical instruments (tho i hope MR is aware of this plight) but music we could gift them with?

this breaks my heart too irene, just so unfair, put us to work. Christmas is close, yes, let's hang the missletoe and embrace them now, but we have up to may as well it sounds. and dammit, Feed The World doesn't only pertain to the broken people of africa. this is close to home and we're here for you.

activate your troops, captain kato! well, that's easy for me to say, i know you're about to embark on an amazing event here, but if you can deligate, give us ideas, plans, please, let's embrace these children. you indeed are their hero, you know them. please provide us with info on where we can send the things to.

stay close,

sammi =)

12:36 PM  

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