Wednesday, December 05, 2007

FEMA trailer park family assistance - needs and numbers

Here is the list of items that the Educational Services of Renaissance is requesting for donation. Mary, the Educational Services Consultant, forwarded me the information today.

"We are basically asking that groups or families provide the following for each family:

1. a set of clothes for each child
2. underwear and socks
3. a pair of shoes
4. hygiene products (like toothburshes and toothpaste)
5. food for the family
6. a special gift for each child
7. possibly, if budget allows, smaller gifts for each child
8. a Christmas stocking
9. a gift for their mommy

Thanks so much for helping me out with this."

Seven children from the early childhood to middle grade program have been located, and 4 more children are being selected from the teen program.

The smallest number to care for is one boy and his mother. The largest family group is one boy, his 5 siblings, two teen aunts, his grandmother and mother.

Thank you again for your possible help.

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