Sunday, May 18, 2008

A storm brought them in then kicked them out

I'm sitting here working on selecting photos for the Ren Village scrapbooks. We were supposed to meet as a staff this week to work on them, but as of right now I don't know when we'll be able to do that.

Last week we had two days of solid rain and storms, and on May 15 I received this from Mary LeBlanc:

"...Ren Vill was closed down yesterday evening and a bunch
of families moved to hotels and motels because
trailers sustained big time damage.

The Galmons' trailer windows blew out, so poor Wanda
is at a motel with six kids!

We're having to regroup and revamp our plans..."

I remember sitting through that same storm safe in our house with Grace thinking about the children and wondering how they were doing. I imagined the mud, the thunder and lightning, and all the kids faces and feelings throughout. Never did I think that it was that bad that the trailers couldn't protect them.

Imagine the trauma of being the last of families left in the trailer park before the 5/31/08 closing to be forced out a week before your scheduled move. What is it like to have to leave your Katrina refuge because of another storm? How do they feel inside as they look for a place to be?