Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Corps of Engineers caught red handed using gov computers for spin campaign

Would someone at the Corps step up to the plate of accountability?...I just received this email tonight. Please check out the information and video. Thank you.

Levees.org has solid evidence that the US Army Corps of Engineers is using government computers to send crafted messages designed to re-write the history of the New Orleans flooding.
Using free internet software, we caught the Corps of Engineers red-handed in systematically shifting blame for the flooding away from the civil engineering profession and onto the citizens in the New Orleans region.
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Here is an example:

"Sure, blame the corps for the floodwall failures, but who do you blame for your own stupidity for putting your families in such a situation. That's like letting your child play in the street and then complaining when a speeding car kills him...."
Behavior like this, by the Corps of Engineers, illustrates the need for a truly independent analysis of the levee failures in metro New Orleans. Behavior like this is further reason we need the 8/29 Investigation Act!
Thank you!
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.org


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