Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whole Foods 5% Day for Threadhead Records

On October 12, I did a bit of my Whole Foods shopping on their 5% Day for Threadhead Records . It was a nice surprise to have Matt Perrine, Alex McMurray, Debbie Davis and Arsene Delay, talented musicians from New Orleans, performing live in support of the Nine Lives - The Musical project. I enjoyed their music, and especially appreciated being able to chat with them, too. Visit to learn more about these artists and the projects supported by Threadhead Records.

That following Friday, Whole Foods shared the following good news: "DRUM ROLL...Thanks to you, we're pleased to share that the Louisiana stores raised more than $15,100 for the Threadhead Records Foundation 5% Day!!! With these funds, the Foundation will be able to finish the Nine Lives musical and employ more than 100 Louisiana musicians! WOOT!"

Be sure to check out "Nine Lives - A Musical Adaptation" by Paul Sanchez and Colman DeKay. Here's a song from the first volume of songs.

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